UNIZIK School Fees For 2018/2019

Let’s talk about UNIZIK school fees for 2018. How much will it cost you to study at Nnamdi Azikiwe University? Find out in this article, where we will tell you all we know about fees for undergraduate and postgraduate students at UNIZIK.

Nnamdi Azikiwe University school fees for undergraduates For some reason, there is no information pertaining to UNIZIK school fees for undergraduate students on the official website of the university, but we have previously reported on the estimated fees, so you can use the following estimations to have a general idea about the fees at UNIZIK:

  • School fees for new students at UNIZIK range from ₦60,000 to ₦70,000 depending on the chosen department/course of study;
  • School fees for returning students at UNIZIK range from ₦20,000 to ₦25,000 depending on the chosen department/course of study.

If you want to get more accurate and relevant information about the undergraduate fees, you should call the university on 0708 161 0453 or send them an e-mail to info@unizik.edu.ng.

UNIZIK postgraduate school fees

Now, when it comes to postgraduate fees, UNIZIK’s website has a full detailed breakdown, which we will share with you now. Undergraduate students of UNIZIK have to pay the following fees (regardless of faculty):

  • Tuition: ₦60,000; Library: ₦23,500;
  • Lab and workshop/bench: ₦20,000;
  • File/ID: ₦1,700;
  • Elective charges: ₦1,500;
  • NHIS: ₦2,500;
  • Certificate verification (for M.Sc. students): ₦4,000;
  • Certificate verification (for PhD students): ₦6,000;
  • Total fees (with one O’level certificate): ₦113,200 for M.Sc. and ₦115,200 for PhD students;
  •  Total fees (with additional certificates): ₦115,200 for M.Sc. and ₦117,200 for PhD students.

Returning students have to pay the same fees, apart from File/ID and certificate verification, meaning that their total fee will be ₦107,500 for both PhD and M.Sc. students.

Now, for UNIZIK postgraduate students things are a little different. Here are the fees the new PGD students:

  • Tuition: ₦40,000;
  • Library: ₦13,500;
  • Lab and workshop/bench: ₦10,000;
  • File/ID: ₦1,700; Elective charges: ₦1,500;
  • NHIS: ₦2,500; Certificate verification: ₦4,000;
  • Total fees (with one O’level certificate): ₦73,200;
  • Total fees (with additional certificates): ₦75,200.

Just like with returning PhD and M.Sc. students, returning PGD students do not have to pay the fees for File/ID and certificate verification, so their total fees are ₦67,500

Apart from the aforementioned fees, prospective UNIZIK students should know following charges:

  1. Postgraduate dues: ₦5,000;
  2. Screening test: ₦7,000 for PhD, ₦5,000 for M.Sc. and PGD;
  3. Internal defence: ₦12,500;
  4. Research workshop: ₦20,000;
  5. Proposal: ₦10,000;
  6. SPGS publications: TBD;
  7. SPGS convocation assembly: ₦5,000;
  8. Admission application form: ₦10,000;
  9. Accretion levy: ₦20,000;
  10. Deferment of programme: ₦5,000;
  11. Registration of courses (carry-over): ₦2,000;
  12. Change of department: ₦5,000;
  13. Add and drop: ₦2,000;
  14. Change of mode of study: ₦2,000;
  15. Change of area of specialisation: ₦2,000;
  16. Final defence: ₦10,000 for PGD, ₦40,000 for M.Sc. and ₦60,000 for PhD students;
  17. Extension of duration: ₦10,000;
  18. Request for transcript:
  19. Internal transcript: ₦1,000;
  20. External transcript (within the country): ₦10,000;
  21. International transcript (Asia/Australia/Middle East): ₦30,000;
  22. International transcript (America/Europe): ₦25,000;
  23. International transcript (Africa): ₦20,000.

Brief About Nnamdi Azikiwe University

Nnamdi Azikiwe University, famously known as UNIZIK, is a Nigerian Federal university in Awka, Anambra State. It was founded as a branch of the now-defunct ASUTECH (Anambra State University of Technology) in 1991 and became a Federal University in 1992. It is named after the first President of Nigeria, Nnamdi Azikiwe.

The university has three campuses the main one is in Awka and the other two in Nnewi and Agulu. For more information about the university, you should visit its website unizik.edu.ng.

Do you think the fees are affordable? Which course would you like to study in UNIZIK? Leave us a comment below.


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